What do you mean when you say you “build brains"?

What we mean by saying we “build brains” is that we know how to make more connections between and how to grow neurons (brain cells). As recently as 5 years ago, it was discovered that brain cells, or neurons, have the ability to continue regeneration even through adulthood.  This process, called neurogenesis, was thought for years to end during the early twenties.  The fact that our brains do continue to produce new brain cells gives new hope to those of us at the “senior” side of the age range. 

New growth (or NeuGrowth) gives us hope because it means our minds can stay flexible and workable throughout our lifespan; we can continue to learn, and our memories can become better with age! The brain is very, very changeable, and you can make it work better, or make it work worse.  We show you how to change your brain for the better in unexpected ways.  You’ll definitely notice the difference.