Details for Preschoolers:

Since preschoolers are a little older and tend to be much more physically active, we use that in teaching parents the best ways to optimize their brain growth, organization, and development.  NeuGrowth guides parents in how to make use of time efficiently and effectively. The main guiding principle here is that brains need oxygen to grow and thrive.  Even for adults, our brains work better when we have rigorous exercise daily (we never said this was going to be easy!).  Young brains especially, since the rate of brain growth is so amazingly high, need fresh oxygen to nourish the incredible numbers of neurons growing and connecting.

The cool thing about preschoolers is that anything that can be presented in a simple, clear and direct way can be taught.  Anything. Physics, if you break it down into very simple terms. We have seen many children learn all four operations of math between the ages of 2-3. By four, we’ve seen kids who go on to fractions, decimals, and who, at the same time, understand money and can tell you what your change will be from a $20 bill when you buy 3 lbs of bananas at $.79/lb. Our experiences and observations defy the limitations some people place on young children. We feel confident we can expertly guide you to defy the limitations too.

Some Techniques That Help Working With Preschoolers, and Anyone:

One really important point about all of this: A good sense of humor goes a long way. We never try to push a child. We teach through their favorite subjects or activities. If a preschooler loves dump trucks we might suggest going to a place where dump trucks can be observed. Then come home, build a miniature dirt pile, and let the child go to town doing what he just saw being done.  For those parents who like science, we recommend certain books, activities and resources to impart some basic science principles in a simple way to young kids. If you follow a child’s interests and teach through them, they will always be motivated to learn more, and they will thoroughly enjoy themselves. When you see their eyes shining with interest, you’ll know you’re on the right track. Just never push them. How would you like your child entering kindergarten to be so knowledgeable and able that he essentially has been “school-proofed?”

Forget the debate about public vs. private school or charter school. Teach them to be ready before they start, before kindergarten. We will show you how; read on for some real cases of parents readying their child during the 1st five years of life.