Details For Students in Elementary, Middle, High School and College:

NeuGrowth provides tutors for all subjects, all ages, including pre-school through college. We prep high school kids for the SAT, ACT, middle school students for the SSAT, college grads for the GRE. Any child can get help from us to prep for any exam. Our group of tutors is excellent in any academic subject, including foreign language. Our tutors have been trained in brain development concepts and use awesome techniques we’ve developed to make our program the most unique and effective in the entire area! 

We put together fun, exciting summer camps and after-school classes for enrichment (we’ve had over 9 years of experience creating and teaching summer camps for the Smithsonian Associates). For example, one camp we’ve done that kids loved was on the Navaho tribe of Native Americans. During the week the kids helped us build a real Hogan (the traditional home of the Navaho), just the right size for children.  Two boys became the “keepers of the Hogan", making sure nothing got broken and trying different activities in and around the abode. Kids around the Hogan were busy pounding corn using a mano and metate, hanging “sheep skin” to dry, “cooking” and trying out weaving.  Each afternoon, at the end of the camp day, all 16 kids, 2 assistants and 1 teacher crammed into the structure to tell a campfire story (usually a Native American myth) around a make-believe campfire made from orange, yellow, and red tissue paper above the glow of a flashlight. For at least 30 minutes, (sometimes all day) we were Navaho, and it was great!  NeuGrowth also helps kids who are disorganized become organized, and improve study skills, concentration, focus, and decision-making. You’ll see, when these skills improve, a person’s self-esteem and self-respect goes way up. Although it’s not a separate course, tutoring and group classes serve to increase positive emotional intelligence, a set of skills which is being recognized as being as important as cognitive skills.