NeuGrowth offers a panoply of seminars and workshops geared to improve the bottom line of your company.  From memory enhancement and new marketing approaches to better sales through effective interpretation of nonverbal communication, let NeuGrowth help your growth with new energy!

As we age, we sometimes struggle with our memory, and learning sometimes becomes more difficult.  With our workshops and presentations, learn how to reverse this trend, and actually grow new brain cells and make new connections.  Through simple but effective exercises and ideas, learn to learn with ease again, and pump up your memory skills!

NeuGrowth will put together a program of stimulation for you, your caregiver, and your baby. These programs help to optimize your baby’s development, allowing the greatest amount of opportunities later in life. More of your baby’s potential will be realized—in as little as 10 minutes per day!  It’s fun, interactive, and very effective.

These workshops and presentations are given in small groups, individually, or to entire organizations. They are perfect for PTA's, non-profit organizations that work in communities, mom’s clubs, garden clubs, Girl and Boy Scout Leadership, and more.