Kathy Kitts founded and is the Executive Director of NeuGrowth. She graduated from University of Maryland with a degree in Behavioral and Social Sciences, and Microbiology, where she received a semester’s worth of credit for her unique brain program work with children birth to age six.  This body of work included 15 years of creating and implementing programs of stimulation for children of this age group.

Our Clients

Ms. Kitts has given presentations to companies such as Prudential Life Insurance, community groups like Rotary Clubs & Kiwanis Clubs, and neighborhood organizations such as PTA’s and Mom’s Clubs.  She hopes to begin giving workshops and seminars to more areas in the country, as well as internationally.


Who We Are

NeuGrowth is a company that helps people build brains.  We use information we learned beginning over 20 years ago as well as recently discovered facts about how the brain works, grows and develops.

Our Founders Background


  • Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP)
  • University of Maryland - Behavioral and Social Sciences, and Microbiology

Ms. Kitts has also received training in Philadelphia, PA, at the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP).  The folks at the IAHP have been doing research and practical application of their theories for over 40 years, and slowly, the rest of the world seems to be catching up to what it has discovered. 

At the IAHP Ms. Kitts began her studies of how the brain develops, takes in new information, stores it and recalls it. This includes the many ways the brain takes in information:  physically, visually, aurally, through smell, taste,
and through the kinesthetic sense and the tactile sense (touch), and through two internal senses.  At IAHP, Ms. Kitts became familiar with how the brain directs the output, and how the brain can recover from many types of injuries, depending on the circumstances.